ASPIRE website personas

By talking to past ASPIRE supporters and members I was able to make sense of our demographic and figure out their goals and expectations from the organization. This helped me redesign the site map by making appropriate information forefront and accessible.


Connecting the ASPIRE demographics past and present

ASPIRE's decade-long efforts has affected multiple generations of Asian American girl and women. One of the missing components is a way to utilize this database of past alumni, mentors and volunteers both as a resource for the organization and for its members.

I evaluated existing supporter and alumni outreach efforts and the volunteer onboarding and offboarding process within the website and email communications.

I noted areas that needed to reinforced and am designing an ASPIRE pipeline where past alumni and members can stay connected and expand and reinforce their network through ASPIRE.

Call-to-Actions that bring ASPIRE members into the network


Donation page


The previous sitemap had a simple menu stacking all the pages within four main navigation items. I focused on making it easier to achieve core user goals of learning and signing-up for a program, volunteering and donating by breaking the stacks up and making it visible both in the main menu and in the footer.

ASPIRE sitemap before

ASPIRE sitemap after


The previous website was static HTML loaded directly onto a server that was only accessible only through a FTP client - without a dedicated webmaster this kept the team from making frequent changes.

After this traumatic experience we decided to go with a WYSIWYG platform that was also responsive-friendly. The crux to the website's survival would be an easy-to-use CMS that could be picked up by volunteers without too much formal training.

ASPIRE website before
ASPIRE website after

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