The Hub & Persistent Navigation

The hub is the first thing users see after they finish their first capture. It's the digital home that anchors them relative to all the other features.

  1. Home/Hub takes user back to home.
  2. Face Stats takes the user to the Face Stats page with all the their face insights.
  3. Profile this will be the user's public-facing wall with any selfies, or facial data. They will also be able to change their privacy settings and preferences here.
  4. Notification System is the main communication center for any new unlocked features, app updates, and user communications.

5. Call-to-Action
6. Reward Point System
7. Capture Button

Other Features

Photo Gallery The Photo Gallery stores all the user's facial data.
The captures can be viewed, hidden or shared at any time giving users control over their data.
Fun Selfies + Shareable EcardsWe wanted to encourage and award users for volunteering their time and data. Fun selfies can be unlocked progressively with more user captures and shares. The selfie capture and share UI was refreshed to reflect iOS native designs.
The ecard is a shareable artifact that allow a user to proudly display their contribution.
Face Stats Users can see deeper insights from their face including their Leadership Quotient which measures perceived leadership qualities from facial data. Locked teaser sections hint at upcoming future releases.

UX Designer

Methodologies + Tools
Wireframing, UI Design, Visual Design/ Illustration


Suzanne Shuran Wu © 2018

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