Initial Evaluation

Testing the app with users and the mapped Mental Model

After running the apps through heuristic tests and user tests we found that users struggled to learn to use the apps, didn’t know why something's wrong, and had difficulty enjoying their first time experience.

Overall there was a lot of uncertainty and self-doubt. Most people just weren't sure if they were performing the scan correctly. They identified the lack of feedback during the scan as the main cause for their uncertainty, and wished that they would receive more helpful coaching.
After the initial scan, almost all users abandon the app. Besides viewing the 3D model or emailing themselves the file, there wasn't much they could do.

Key Findings:

  • A lack of visible real-time cues in the app to help users during scanning
  • A lack of user-friendly language
  • Unhelpful onboarding tutorial
  • Inconsistency in UI elements
  • A lack of meaningful use after scan

Suzanne Shuran Wu © 2018

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