My role is to bring a personal high quality experience to the web where many patients will discover us.


Here at Samoset Family Dental we encounter a lot of anxious patients who are scared of coming to the dentist because of a previously traumatic experience or have heard horror stories.

To address a patient’s fear of visiting a new dental office I created a dedicated First Visit Walkthrough page. It illustrates to patients step-by-step what they can expect even before they walk into the office.

I also used staff photos, patient testimonials, awards and accreditations and friendly copywriting, to both create an emotional connection and convey trustworthiness.

Our hours and contact info in moved front and center on the homepage.

At the bottom of each page there is an appointment CTA.


More and more patients make key healthcare decisions on mobile - I made the mobile experience a key focus during the design process by making it easy for users to achieve their key goals of assessing our credibility and making appointments.

The main tenant was Keep It Simple. The user has a shortened attention span especially on mobile. I narrowed down the core navigation oriented around patient goals.


Moodboard reflecting the key brand qualities

The colors scheme includes natural and refreshing tones inspired by Plymouth itself with shades like warm burnt umber balanced with a soothing sea green. The office is outfitted with natural materials like wood, cotton and ceramic and gentle fragrances to counter the sterility of a dental office.

For the typefaces I chose Freight suite from Darden Studios in order to utilize its wide variants of display, serif and sans serif typefaces across all possible usages and contexts. The serif Freight Text fits the formality of the print collaterals while the Freight Sans reads friendlier on the web.

All parts of the branding work to reinforce the feeling of a gentle, effortless, quality experience.
Printed Branding and Marketing Materials

Suzanne Shuran Wu © 2018

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